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Phoebe - cat transport bag black

Phoebe - cat transport bag black

PHOEBE from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats was designed in collaboration with cat behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru and is a multifunctional transport bag for your cat. It consists of a cat carrier, house and bed/basket in one.

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You can use the basket section at the bottom to get your cat used to the carrier without associating it with an unpleasant event such as a visit to the vet. The bed can be removed from the basket and is washable. The soft materials and round shape give your cat a safe feeling. PHOEBE has a handle at the top, the basket has 2 handles on the sides so you can lift it easily. The handy compartments on the back of the basket complete this multifunctional bag. They are perfect for storing your cat's passport and her medication.


  • Multifunctional transport bag with cat carrier, house and bed
  • Bed can be used separately, the bed is easy to unzip
  • Happy Cat design in soft materials and with a round shape
  • With handles
  • With handy storage compartments



Happy Tip!

Train your cat to like her carrier by making it her bed all year round. Reward your cat when she looks at it, touches it, sniffs it, sits in it, sleeps in it, etc. Once your cat is comfortable in the bag, let her sit for 1 minute, then 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and take her up and down the stairs, put her in the car, let her listen to the engine running and drive her around the block. Finish each 'trip' with a tasty plate of wet food and your cat will gradually associate the bag with pleasant events. Do this every week so that your annual vet visit becomes part of the game.

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