Cat hotel Cattelientje

Cattelientje is a small-scale cat hotel with just that little bit extra! I have a limited number of luxury rooms fully equipped to meet the needs of your cat. Does your cat need extra care? Or does it need extra attention? No problem at all!
That is why I consciously chose a small-scale boarding house in a homely atmosphere so that I have enough time to give every cat the necessary cuddles, attention, playtime and care... whatever your cat needs...

Does your cat become stressed when in contact with other cats? At Cattelientje, each cat or cats from the same family has a separate suite. This way they never come into contact with each other and they cannot see each other.

I will do everything I can to ensure that your cat feels right at home and is surrounded by the best care, so that your favorite pet returns as ZEN as you are.
Check out my website for more information and availability:

Regelmatig kan je ons in het weekend terugvinden op dierenevents waar we onze producten voorstellen en uitleg geven.

Wij nodigen jullie alvast uit om vrijblijvend een kijkje te komen nemen.

  • Zomerbar Dierenbescherming Mechelen

    Vierde editie van de welbekende Zomerbar! Kom de start van de zomer vieren op zaterdag 22 en zondag 23 juni!


  • Dag van de hond 

    Een jaarlijks evenement met een brede waaier aan hondenactiviteiten, zowel spelletjes als opdrachten.