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Pahvi - cardboard toy

Pahvi - cardboard toy

Super fun cardboard toy for Happy Cats, designed in collaboration with cat therapist Anneleen Bru.

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Awesomecardboard toyfor Happy CatsPAHVI from D&D Home |I LOVE Happy Catswas designed in collaboration with cat therapist Anneleen Bru.

PAHVI is a small cardboard cat toy with a jute rope. A cute prey that can easily be attached to theCONNOR rodto play a hunting game with it. At the end of the hunt, remove the toy from the rod to elicit a kicking response from your cat that will relieve tension. Cats love to play with cardboard, so this toy will give you hours of fun and keep your cat fit and healthy.


  • Designed in collaboration with cat behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru
  • Small cardboard cat toy with jute rope
  • Can be attached to the CONNOR rod for a hunting game
  • Stimulates your cat's kicking response and relieves tension
  • Provides hours of fun and keeps your cat fit and healthy


3pcs - 16x3x3cm

Happy Tip!

Experiment with different movements so your cat never knows what the toy will do. Pull it across the floor, wave it in the air, on top of cupboards, let it fly and crawl.

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