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Cat litter box DEAN from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats

Cat litter box DEAN from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats

Best cat toilet ever for Happy Cats!

The DEAN litter box from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats is the ultimate cat toilet for happy cats and was designed in collaboration with cat behavior therapist Anneleen Bru.

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An optimal toilet is one of the most important ways to make your cat happy! DEAN is a modern and minimalist litter box with rounded edges that is large enough for your cat to move around freely. The edges are high for safety and the entrance is at the front. When your cat goes to the toilet, she can continue to monitor her surroundings, making the litter box a very safe place to use. DEAN is also ideal for cats that urinate standing up. DEAN has a flexible and beautiful design, user-friendly handles and is made of BPA-free plastic, making it non-toxic. All cats will love it so much!


  • Elegant black design
  • Safe: your cat can get in and out from all sides
  • Comfortable: your cat can see everything around
  • Easily accessible for scooping and cleaning
  • Two handles and flexible: easy to clean completely



Happy Tip!

In the wild, cats urinate and defecate in different places. So make sure you have at least two litter boxes if you have one cat in the house. Add an extra litter box for each additional cat. This is the very best tip to keep your house tidy at all times!

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