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JELLYFISH Saveplace® felt cat toys

JELLYFISH Saveplace® felt cat toys

Introduce your cat to the underwater world full of adventure with our Felt Cat Toy in the shape of a jellyfish! This unique toy is designed to provide your cat with hours of fun while stimulating their hunting instincts.

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  • High-quality Felt:The toy is made of durable felt material that is safe for your cat to chew and play with.
  • Realistic Design:The jellyfish is designed to resemble a real jellyfish, with dangling tentacles that will arouse your cat's curiosity.
  • Interactive:Attach the toy to a fishing rod or hold it by the string for interactive play between you and your cat.

🌟Usage tips:

  • Move the toy along the ground to challenge your cat to hunt and chase.
  • Hold the toy and gently move it up and down to make it look like the jellyfish is swimming through the water.
  • Store the toy when not in use to ensure safety and extend its lifespan.


  • Toys from wool
  • Made in Lithuania, Europe.


  • Woolen part: 8 × 6 cm
  • Cotton cords: 9 pieces x 6 cm
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