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Lambwolf Collective sniffing mushroom GUU

Lambwolf Collective sniffing mushroom GUU

Meet GUU, the mushroom with a twist! 🍄 This adorable mushroom is not only a fun addition to your pet's toy arsenal, but also a great way to stimulate their thinking skills and keep them actively occupied.

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With small side pockets to hide rewards, GUU will challenge your pet as they try to get to the delicious surprises. The round, wobbly bottom adds an extra dimension of difficulty, making the toy even more engaging.

When putting treats into GUU, make sure they are long enough to be challenging, but not too small to avoid frustration. Small chunks can reduce the fun, so opt for longer treats that fit perfectly with GUU's design.

And remember, our furry friends have paws, not fingers! If the treat disappears completely into the bags, this can lead to some understandable frustration. Fortunately, the bags are easy to pull out for a quick wash.


  • Washable
  • Durable and safe material
  • Recommended for longer pieces of treats
  • For cats, catnip can be placed in the bags.


  • Small: height of 13 cm: ideal for breeds such as Chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds or even cats.
  • Medium: height of 20 cm: ideal for medium-sized dogs such as Shibas, Corgis or Poodles.
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