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Lambwolf Collective ANGEL FISH

Lambwolf Collective ANGEL FISH

ANGEL FISH is a 2-in-1 play object that works perfectly as an enrichment. Inside is a big squeaky fish leg to chew on and all the fins crackle! There are several compartments to hide treats in, making this toy ideal for interactive play and reward.

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    Hide treats in the fish's belly and encourage it to take out the fish bone!
    Hide treats in 2 small and one large bag for nose work sessions!

Every puppy plays differently and we recommend paying close attention, especially the first time a new play object is introduced. No toy is completely indestructible, so supervise play to ensure safety if you know your pup is not careful with toys.


  • The plush texture not only provides comfort for the mouth, but also helps protect teeth and gums from damage.
  • Thanks to the double sturdy material, the fun is extended and the toy lasts longer.
  • Each pet has its own play style; therefore, it is important to monitor your dog or cat closely when introducing new toys, especially if they tend toward rough play. Keep in mind that no toy is indestructible and be sure to supervise while playing to ensure safety.
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle, do not tumble dry


Approx. 24 x 20 cm

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