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Akyra Training Snacks

Akyra Training Snacks

Delicious hypoallergenic , air-dried treats to reward your dog or cat in a tasty and responsible way.

The raw materials and production are exclusively European.

These sweets are made from 98% pure meat, no organ meat or offal. 1.5% apple fiber was added for the structure of the sweets, this is a completely hypoallergenic and natural addition.

The sweets are first air-dried and then lightly smoked on beech wood, which makes these sweets very unique and extra attractive. They do not stick to the hands, so easy to store or use during training.

Also suitable for puppies and young dogs!

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Advantages of the Akyra snacks:

  • Excellent quality at competitive prices
  • 100% naturally dried snacks, without any additives/processes
  • Dried at a low temperature so that nutrients are well preserved
  • Contribute to healthy teeth
  • Consist of 1 protein source
  • Wide range, including a large selection of hypoallergenic snacks


  • Turkey: Composition: 98% turkey, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analytical constituents: 53.3% crude protein, 29.8% crude fat, 4.9% crude ash, 5% crude fiber, 6.9% moisture

  • Lamb: Composition: 98% lamb, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analytical constituents: 54.4% crude protein, 29.2% crude fat, 4.6% crude ash, 3.3% crude fiber, 5.9% moisture

  • Goat: Composition: 98% goat, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analytical constituents: 51.7% crude protein, 28.9% crude fat, 5.6% crude ash, 2.4% crude fiber, 6.4% moisture

  • Duck: Composition: 98% duck, 1.5% apple fiber, 0.5% minerals

Analytical constituents: 51.1% crude protein, 31.4% crude fat, 6.4% crude ash, 4.4% crude fiber, 6.4% moisture



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