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Pure Nature Matatabi

Pure Nature Matatabi

Did you know that Matatabi sticks are a natural and stimulating source of pleasure for cats? 🐾 These dried branches, from the Silver Vine plant, have an attraction to cats similar to catnip, but even stronger!

You can give up the sticks in case of unrest, frustration and lethargy. Chewing releases a substance that cats like and that has a relaxing effect.

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Pure Matatabi for the catis a natural chew product that helps your cat relax. You can use this product perfectly during a change of circumstances, such as a trip, or during a situation that makes him restless, such as a party or New Year's Eve.

  • Give Matatabi as a toy and remove the stick once the cat has finished playing.
  • Do not give it more than 2-3 times a week to prevent habituation.
  • Side effects are rare but may include ecstatic behavior or mild drooling.
  • Consult your vet if your cat is taking medication and stop giving Matatabi if there are any problems.


Pure Matatabi for cats is made from dried twigs of the Matatabi plant (Actinidia polygama), which grows in mountainous areas in China and Japan. The sticks contain a substance that cats find irresistible and has a relaxing, soothing effect. A tasty way to help prevent stress!


Each pack contains 2 Matatabi sticks.

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