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Lickimat Felix

Lickimat Felix

The LickiMat Felix - specially designed for our beloved cats! This extremely popular lick mat allows cats to de-stress, as licking has a calming effect. It is also the ultimate enrichment for wet food meals. With its low design, your cat can monitor her surroundings in complete safety, which in itself reduces stress.

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No whisker stress here! Your cat's whiskers will rarely come into contact with the LickiMat, making her feel comfortable while eating. But the biggest advantage is that the LickiMat Felix slows down eating, offers your cat more of a challenge and gives them a better eating experience through licking.

How does it work? Very easy! The rubber mat has a recessed structure over which you spread your cat's soft food. This prevents your cat from gobbling her food too quickly, because she has to gradually lick and eat it between the structure. This makes eating wet food a moment of enrichment for your cat. The LickiMat also works perfectly for small chunks.


  • Enriches mealtime for cats.
  • Ideal to break the boredom.
  • Has a stress-reducing effect
  • Perfect for raw food, wet food, treats, yoghurt, spreads, liquid food, etc. A healthy and fun alternative to a cat food bowl.
  • Made of food-safe and non-toxic material.
  • Suitable for freezer and microwave, not suitable for the dishwasher.
  • The fine material makes it easy to wash by hand


20 x 20 cm

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