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Latif catnip kicking pillow

Latif catnip kicking pillow

With this large Latif kicking cushion from D&D HOME, your cat can play, kick and cuddle to its heart's content. Latif is a refillable catnip toy in the shape of a camel .

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The kicking cushion has a bag with velcro in which you can put catnip. The catnip triggers a response in cats that gives them extra stimulation to play. Kicking pads feel very natural to cats because they mimic the way cats interact with larger prey. They hold the pillow firmly with their front legs and then bite and kick with their strong hind legs. Kicking cushions are also ideal prey that you can give to your cat after an interactive moment of play with a play rod. A real must-have for every cat.



  • Refillable kicking cushion
  • Bell
  • Catnip


l 22 x w 3 x h 16.5 cm

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