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Lambwolf Collective KOOLPOP

Lambwolf Collective KOOLPOP

Discover the versatile KOOLPOP - a combination of fun and challenge in one toy!
Hide tasty treats in the cabbage leaves for interactive fun!
A bouncy ball is hidden inside.
This toy is ideal for dogs that love both balls and cuddly toys!

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The teddy plush TPR ball not only offers durability, but also a soft texture that is kind to your dog's mouth. Each leaf of the CABBAGE POP is designed to crinkle, allowing you to hide treats between the leaves for extra fun. There is a bouncy ball in the heart of the cabbage, which challenges your puppy to discover it!


  • The soft texture not only protects the mouth, but also prevents damage to the teeth and gums.
  • The double layer of sturdy material provides extra fun, making the toy last longer.
  • The toy is easy to wash with a gentle washing program. Then let it air dry, so don't put it in the dryer! You can easily vacuum it between washes to remove the biggest dirt.
  • Every dog ​​plays differently, so always keep an eye on your dog when introducing new toys. Especially if they are quite rough players. No toy is indestructible, so supervise play to ensure safety.


19cm x 7.5cm

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