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Cozy window hammock for Happy Cats

Cozy window hammock for Happy Cats

Cats LOVE hammocks because they provide a soothing and sagging surface in which cats love to sleep and rest.

OLIVIA from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats was designed in collaboration with cat behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru.

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This beautiful, modern and minimalistwindow hammockgives your cat a comfortable elevated resting place. Ideal for your feline friend, because cats like to keep an eye on everything that happens in and around the house, and it is important for their sense of security that they can do this! Thanks to its metal frame, the hammock has a sturdy structure. 4 strong suction cups are included (max. weight 10kg) with which the hammock can be attached to any window. The lying surface consists of a beautiful...interior fabricand can withzippersbe attached to the frame. OLIVIA has two brothers, OLIVER and OTIS, who fit on the radiator/bed and on the wall respectively.


  • Stylish cat hammock for use at the window
  • Soft interior fabric
  • Equipped with 4 strong suction cups (max. weight 10kg)
  • Saggy surface ideal for resting Happy Cats
  • Perfect lookout and safe place
  • Washable



Happy Tip!

Cats sleep anywhere they want in the house. By mimicking their "instinctive" sleeping locations, we can encourage cats to sleep in certain places and make them feel completely safe there.


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