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I love happy cat snack sticks

I love happy cat snack sticks

Surprise your Happy Cat with these meat-rich chews, specially developed to meet their natural chewing needs. Formulated in collaboration with cat behaviorist Anneleen Bru , these delicious treats not only provide nibbling fun, but are also a great reward during training.

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By regularly rewarding your cat with these tasty snacks, you show love and strengthen the bond between you. Moreover, they contain no added grains, sugars or colorings!


  • Duck: Contains 87% duck and with pumpkin
  • Beef: Contains 91% beef, including 24% beef liver
  • Turkey: Contains 87% turkey and with carrot
  • Chicken/Rabbit: Contains 80% meat (of which 56% chicken, 24% rabbit) and apple


+/- 70g - 11cm

Happy Tip!

Chewing is essential for cats as it stimulates their natural hunting and biting activities and can reduce stress. By providing your cat with chews, she can train her jaw muscles and prevent unwanted biting behavior. Hide these treats in different places around the house, such as on a high shelf or in crumpled newspaper, to surprise her during her explorations. You'll be amazed at how much fun she gets from it!

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