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Easy Clean dog bathrobe

Easy Clean dog bathrobe


Is your dog a real water rat and does he like to jump in the nearest stream, river or lake? With the Easy Clean dog bathrobe, your four-legged friend can fully enjoy this water fun, because you don't have to spend time drying it off. After a walk, you can return to your car or home without feeling guilty, where the absorbent bathrobe is already waiting for your wet four-legged friend.

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The WOLTERS Easy Clean dog bathrobe offers comfort without plastic buckles or Velcro, with a soft strap for easy fastening. The terry cloth made of bamboo, cotton and polyester dries the coat quickly and provides protection against the cold. The fabric absorbs moisture from the undercoat and keeps the house clean, even after unexpected rain or a shower. The bathrobe prevents heat build-up and static electricity, with a perfect fit for warmth and comfort. Sizes XS to XL fit many dog ​​breeds, allowing you and your dog to relax in serenity after a walk.


  • Bathrobe made of cozy, soft material made of bamboo and cotton
  • Particularly absorbent, dries the dog and protects against cooling
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • No Velcro or plastic buckles
  • Belly bib can be secured with a soft belt
  • Wide opening at the neck for easy dressing and undressing
  • Neck area provides cozy warmth thanks to double-layer fabric
  • No heat development thanks to the breathable material
  • No unpleasant static charge
  • 45% polyester, 35% bamboo, 20% cotton
  • Produced in Europe
  • Washable at 40 degrees

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  • XS: 40cm
  • S: 50cm
  • M: 60cm
  • L: 67cm
  • XL: 75cm
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