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Connor - telescopic fly rod -3 prey beige/black

Connor - telescopic fly rod -3 prey beige/black

This flexible, telescopic rod is your cat's new favorite toy! It can stretch up to 97 centimeters in length, making it perfect for arousing the hunting instinct.

The CONNOR of D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats was designed in collaboration with cat behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru and is the ultimate hunting toy for Happy Cats.

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This CONNOR toy is used for the first of three hunting phases: chasing prey! The second phase is 'killing' the prey, the third phase is eating it. What is the secret to success? Your cat should not catch the prey. You can make the prey fly in the air or move across the floor. Do this about 5 to 7 times a day for 2 to 5 minutes. Make sure your cat doesn't start panting, as this will require you to slow down!

You can also attach other toys to the CONNOR rod.


  • Telescopic fishing rod
  • Designed by cat behavior therapist Anneleen Bru
  • Flexible and telescopic construction
  • 97 cm length with 90 cm cord
  • Cardboard flying prey
  • Keeps cats fit and reduces stress
  • Attach other toys to the rod


Fishing rod of 97 cm, rod with 90 cm cord

Happy Tip!

When the game is over, keep the toys safe by storing them far away in a closed box or cupboard.

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