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Artero Aurigel – Ear gel

Artero Aurigel – Ear gel

Aurigel has been specifically developed for cleaning the auricle of dogs.

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      • Ear cleaner for dogs.
      • Easy and precise to apply.
      • Contains natural ingredients.
      • Suitable for dogs of all breeds.


      • Contains, among other things, Tea Tree Oil, known for its germicidal, bacteriostatic and antifungal effect, does not contain mink oil
      • Special care in the area of ​​cartilage folds and grooves.
      • Do not use cotton swabs to avoid dirt.
      • Not suitable for cats. Exclusively for dogs.
      • 100 ml


      • Apply a sufficient amount of Artero Aurigel into the ear canal without overflowing.
      • Perform a massage at the base of the ear.
      • The emulsion will come out automatically.
      • Remove with a dry sterile gauze or wipe.


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