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Archie - cardboard crab lounge brown/black

Archie - cardboard crab lounge brown/black

Happy Cats love cardboard ! It's warm, soft and easily absorbs your cat's pheromones!

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ARCHIE from D&D Home |I LOVE Happy Catsis a two-piece scratching board and lounge made of corrugated cardboard that your cat will definitely enjoy.

The MDF sides give it a luxurious look and extra strength. ARCHIE was designed in collaboration with a cat behavioral therapistAnneleen Bru. Scientific research has shown that the wavy, figure-eight shape is the most popular surface for scratching! Cats can nap on top of ARCHIE, groom their nails or rub off pheromones to reduce stress! Offering several scratching objects in the house is the best remedy against unwanted scratching behavior.

ARCHIE consists of 2 separate elements that you can place in different places, especially in passageways and right next to the sofa to encourage your cat to use ARCHIE instead of your sofa or curtains.

HAPPY TIP!ARCHIE is not only ideal for scratching, but when your cat sits on it, the vacuum cleaner also becomes much less scary!


  • High-quality cardboard and MDF.
  • Two-piece scratching board and lounge.
  • Designed by cat behavior therapist Anneleen Bru.
  • Multifunctional: Scratching, resting and releasing pheromones.
  • Reduces unwanted scratching behavior.
  • Two separate elements for flexible use.



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