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Amber - microfibre care glove

Amber - microfibre care glove

Do you suffer from a lot of cat hair in your home? The AMBER care glove from D&D Home | I LOVE Happy Cats was designed in collaboration with cat behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru and is the best way to remove loose hair from your cat's coat.

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Yes, it's that simple!
Coat care with the right tools is essential for a healthy coat.

This beautiful soft microfiber glove is in fact the only proven way to remove loose hair from your cat's coat and helps keep the rest of your cat's coat intact, healthy and undamaged. It's also a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your cat!

Instructions: slightly dampen the glove and smooth it over your cat's fur every few days. In addition, the glove is very useful to help your older cat with grooming, especially at the back of the body and around the tail and hind legs.


  • Very gentle for your cat's beautiful coat
  • Ideal for removing dead hair without damaging your cat's coat
  • Easily washable
  • Use two gloves for the perfect treatment
  • Reward your cat with a treat afterwards


2pcs - 35x17x2cm

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