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Akyra Goat Ears

Akyra Goat Ears

Pure dried goat ears, a tasty and hypoallergenic alternative to beef ears. Ideal for a change or if your dog is allergic to common animal species.
Also suitable for dogs on a goat elimination diet.
The goat ears are low in fat and are therefore a responsible reward for dogs that are overweight.

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Advantages of the Akyra snacks:

  • Excellent quality at competitive prices
  • 100% naturally dried snacks, without any additives/processes
  • Dried at a low temperature so that nutrients are well preserved
  • Contribute to healthy teeth
  • Consist of 1 protein source
  • Wide range, including a large selection of hypoallergenic snacks


Composition: 100% goat

Analytical constituents: 74% crude protein, 6.3% crude fat, 1.1% crude ash, 0.8% crude fiber, 10.15% moisture

Origin: Turkey



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